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InterCasino Review 

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Intercasino Homepage Introduction
Cryptologic may have decided to fold up its online poker network, but it has not done so with its online casinos. In fact, its online casinos are getting stronger despite the actions in online poker and the best example of that is InterCasino, an online casino that has been around for a long time and will continue for a long time into the future and it is simply the world's best online casino.

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First time deposit bonus is worth
100% up to $900
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Software and Graphics
InterCasino has been one of the most loyal Cryptologic casinos out there and that continues to be the case even to the present and likely into the future as well. Their software package is pure Cryptologic and that means that they have a software package that is one of the smoothest running pieces of software ever conceived. You could put this up against just about any other software package out there (even those outside of the field of online casinos) and you’d see that it compares very favourably in that area while at the same time still having the graphical quality to be very attractive to players.

InterCasino Games
As far as online casino games are concerned, once again the Cryptologic machine is well-oiled and runs amazingly smooth. Whether you are playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, craps, card games, table games or video poker, you will have a great time because of how well the games run.
Vegas Blackjack Intercasino

Vegas Blackjack Game

Roulette Game

Roulette Game

 InterCasino is a great online casino with great games and even the Marvel video slot machines are games that will give you the chance to experience some of your favourite characters while at the same time winning a lot of money.

Marvel Slots X-Men

Marvel X-Men Slot

Marvel Thor Slot Game

Marvel Thor Slots Game

Bonuses and Promotions
In addition to typical things like a reward program and different promotions that come and go surrounding specific games and tournaments, InterCasino has a sweet first time deposit bonus deal. Their first time deposit bonus is worth 100% up to $900 so you will want to make sure that you deposit at least $500 in your first deposit to make best use of it. This particular bonus is also special because it can be used on blackjack, something that is not the case with many online casino bonuses these days.

Payment Methods
Wire Transfer

InterCasino Support
Support methods at InterCasino are a big part of their website and while their customer focus is one of the best you’ll find online, it is certainly within the conversation about the online casinos that form the top group in this area.

As always, you should start with the FAQ document as it contains answers to all of the questions that are most likely what trouble you at the start of your career as a player. However, you can get additional support through e-mail (support@intercasino.com) and telephone (00-800-24-67-92-61 for toll free calls and 00-357-22-55-26-06 for international calls).

InterCasino is a well-oiled machine that has great statistics wherever it seems to count. Therefore, InterCasino is definitely an online casino worth trying. The gaming site has been voted best gambling website 2010 and 2011.

Visit InterCasino.com
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